JC-PUNK (ebay store) wig review

I’m finally getting around to writing a wig review! This is something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. Finding wig reviews for ebay sellers is quite challenging, and more often than not the reviews lack pictures or solid descriptions. So hopefully I’ll be able to remedy that just a bit, one review at a time.

For today I’ll be reviewing a wig I purchased from  jcpunk, you can check out their store here: http://stores.ebay.com/JC-PUNK

I had searched around for a wig in this pale milky gold color for several weeks and nothing seemed to suit my needs. This wig looked more or less, perfect. After searching around I found mixed reviews, but for the most part people seemed to like their wigs. So I bit my lip and ordered it despite the cheap price and obviously stolen photos.

Heres what the listing looked like

And here are the stock photos JC-PUNK provided on the auction, they are very obviously stolen from taobao (another thing that made me quite uneasy.)

Shipping: The wig was ordered on the tenth of February and arrived today, the twenty-third, so it took a total of 13 days to arrive. Not bad! They provided me with a tracking number, which is usually a plus, but this tracking number was really glitchy and never updated. Up until the 21st it claimed my package was still in China awaiting acceptance.

The packaging was really nice! Poorly packaged wigs are a huge peeve of mine, so I’m very pleased with this one

The package consisted of 2 hair nets, one for the clip ons, and one for the main wig. I wish they had used three hair nets and separated the pigtails, since they were slightly tangled together. The package also included a “thank you for ordering” card, and a wig cap. I really like it when wig caps are included; I think it’s a nice touch.

The base wig is okay at best. It will work for a base wig, but I would never wear it on it’s own, as it is not thick at all and very flat when put on your head, which makes it very unflattering. I tend to like my wigs full, and thicker near the base to give volume.

The worst part are the bangs which are very thin and awkward to work with or attempt to part.

The clip ons, however, are really nice! Very thick and easy to detangle! But my favorite part has to be the clips themselves, which are really strong and hold quite well. Oddly enough the clips seem to be made of a different type of (nicer) less shiny and courser fiber.


I must say that these photos don’t really capture the true color of the wig, the actual color is very close to the advertised photos!

Now, for photos with the flash on. I used a direct box flash, no diffusers or speedlights. And as you can see, the result isn’t very attractive. It’s a bit better then I expected, but still not very good. Luckily, it would look far better in a photoshoot environment with softboxes and such…..just hall photos will make it look really cheap.

Example of clips

Wefting on the base wig.

Wefting compared to a Fantasy Sheep wig that cost me $15

I must also mention that this wig is quite small! I have a 21″ head and it’s *almost* too tight for me. So if you have an average sized american head there is a good chance this won’t fit you.

Picture of me wearing it, please note this is AFTER cutting the wig.

All and all, it’s not a great wig. But it’s decent, usable, and in the color I wanted, but I don’t think I wouldn’t buy from JC-PUNK again unless it was a last resort.

Price: ♚♚♚♚♔

Accuracy to listing: ♚♚♚♚♚

Overall quality: ♚♚♚♔♔

Shipping: ♚♚♚♚♔


One thought on “JC-PUNK (ebay store) wig review

  1. Raye says:

    I’ve ordered wigs from a lot of places before, and have never had problems with any wigs that JC-PUNK sells. Although, I have never bought a wig by the manufacturer for the wig you ordered. The shop this wig originated from is here: http://shop36569647.taobao.com/ So, I would suggest not buying any other wigs with their watermark if you don’t like the quality.

    If you like thick, full wigs, and that will fit western heads for sure, I would suggest Arda Wigs (http://arda-wigs.com/) and Dolluxe (http://www.dolluxe.com/).

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