The adventures of making a fluffy skirt ★ The making of Napoleon (Eiyuu Senki) ★ Part 1

Edit: I’ve recently created a video tutorial going through this process, if you’re interested it can be watched here!

Hello everyone~ I’m getting an early start on my AnimeNEXT cosplay and thought I would share some of it with you guys. Also, my “The world god only knows” uniform part 2 will be up VERY soon. Expect it in the next week!

Anyway, meet Napoleon:

Napoleon’s skirt is ridiculous in the poofyness and ruffle department, seriously it’s insane. So right away I knew that I would need tons of material, and some sort of stiffening for the hem. Luckily I already had several yards of white bridal satin laying around, then the other day I picked up 12 yards of horsehair braid, which meant I had everything I needed to get to work.

Step one was drafting a quick circle skirt pattern, I think everyone has seen these before, but this is what mine looked like. Please excuse my terrible handwriting.

Next step was cutting them all out, in total I cut out 4 circle skirts.


Then I sewed them all together. At this point they didn’t look much like a skirt, but they made a lovely scarf. For reference of how much material was here, I’m around 5’ 10”.

Then came the pinning. Oh god, the pinning. The hem was 12 yards, which means it tookages to pin it all, and to make things worse, my bobbin ran out half way through without me realizing, which meant I had to do even more pinning then I had originally planned.

And for those curious, this is what the horsehair braid looks like.

After it was all hemmed and had the horsehair braid added you could see the ruffles forming. Modeled once again, as the lovely scarf that it was.

Since a corset/vest is worn over my waist, I couldn’t have the ruffles extending all the way up. So I made up a waistband, it’s made of three panels and has interfacing in all of them. Then I went ahead and lined it for good measure. This is also where I gathered my “scarf” down into 40 inches of ruffles.


Then I sewed them together, and looky here, It’s pretty much done! I just need to tack down some of the ruffles and add a zipper. But that should be very easy.


Edit: 5/5/12 A few updates on this skirt!

I added a petticoat for more “oomf”

And then I went through and sewed certain parts down, giving it all a more uniform look.


XiuXiu Meitu a simple online photo editor – English walk through and guide.

Edit; Please understand this is an ONLINE editor, no download is needed to use this. Simply go here to use the program

Oh. My. God. At long last I am finished with this mess!  It took me over 6 hours to screen cap and label, so hopefully it helps someone!

This is a tutorial that explains how to use each function in a program I’ve recently discovered that is named XiuXiu Meitu, you can find their website here:

XiuXiu meitu is an online quick and easy photo editing program with preset options to help you look as attractive as possible or even dramatically change your appearance. It’s frequently used by asian bloggers, but you’ll see it being used in the US as well. It works best for straight on portraits, but could be adapted to work on many different types of photos.

But, the program is entirely in Chinese, and there is no patch. So I’ve been fumbling around it in over the last few days trying to figure out how every little piece works. Despite not know any Chinese myself I  *think* I have figured out the purpose of virtually every button. So this is a walk through that will (hopefully!) help you along if you feel like using this editor.

If I got anything wrong, or missed something, please point it out to me.

Once you arrive at the webpage you should be greeted by a menu that looks  like this. It should have 3 options, the first is uploading a file from your computer (which is what I would suggest). The next is taking a photo with your webcam, and for the final is using a photo via link.

I’m just using a sloppy mirror image I took of myself a few months back. The photo I’m working with has been edited previously to make the lighting less yellow, but my features are untouched.If you decide on upload from computer or drive, it should look (more or less) like this.

As you can see it looks really standard. Just keep in mind XiuXiu only supports a few file types. Click “open” and then click yellow button again to upload it.

The next screen should look like this, but with whatever photo you uploaded. It’s all a bit confusing, eh?

I actually really love the layout of XiuXiu, I think it’s clean, simple, and really lovely *cough* unlike photoshop *cough*  The only reason it’s at all intimidating is because it’s in a different language.

No worries, the language shouldn’t be a barrier, I’ll walk you through it all!

Alright, if you choose the Second main tab and First minor tab and click the first tab (on left) you will get bars that allow you to adjust brightness/contrast, exposure, and saturation. If you click Second main tab and First minor tab and click the second tab (on right) you are able to adjust your hue and color  balance.

I think color balance and hue are pretty self explanatory, but here are some examples of the other effects you can achieve. Just keep in mind; I would NEVER use these effects so heavily, that would look bad, these are just examples.

The next option is under Second main tab and Second minor tab, this controls image rotation. It’s pretty much self explanatory.

Now onto the crop tool, which lies under Second main tab and Third minor tab, again pretty much explains itself.

This next one allows you to adjust overall image size, it’s under Second main tab and fourth minor tab.

Onto one of my favorite tools that XiuXiu has to offer, though I’m not really sure what you would call it, I’ll show you how it works. This option is under the Second main tab and fifth minor tab under the first tab (on left). The photo starts out blurry, and then you can “erase” what parts you want to be clear.

You have two levels, one controls the brush size, and the other controls how heavy the background blur is.

Here is an example of different effects you can achieve through using this tool.

If you click on the right tab you get a different tool that is quite similar. Instead of “erasing” the blur you have two circles. The outer circle controls the fade of from sharpness to blur, and the inner circle controls what is entirely clear.

The larger your outer circle it, the more natural it looks.

A few examples.

Another neat tool is a pixelation tool that is located Second main tab and sixth minor tab. Again, two bars. The top one controls overall brush size, and the other one the overall size of the pixels.

Next up is the Second main tab and seventh minor tab.This next tool makes your picture entirely black and white, then you can “erase” the black and white to see the original colors through it.

A few examples.

And the final tab underneath the second main one! This one can be used to change the color of anything, it’s actually really neat! You get over 100 colors to pick from, at a set opacity to make it look really natural. It’s great for testing out new haircolors and such.

Third main tab and first minor tab. has all sorts of filters. Each filter has an opacity control bar, and apply/undo buttons.

Here are a few examples, but the options are endless.

Third main tab and second minor tab, and the first of these little bars controls simple brightness/lighting preset settings. Though I think the original intent with these is to make skin appear brighter and lighter.

A few examples.

Onto the second little bar, this one allows you to make features smaller/larger. You have two sliders, the first one controls brush size, and the second one controls enlargement size.  If you use a negative number on the second slider it will make things smaller, if you use a positive number it will make things larger.

The third bar down is red eye control…I’m not even going to get into this one, since it’s so easy to use I’m sure you guys can figure it out on your own.

The fourth one allows you to give yourself blush, you have 10 different pages of blush options that you can scroll through with arrows at the bottom of the page. To select one to use, just click on it and move it to the desired area.

You will also get this little option menu popup to help control the selected item. The controls are labeled below.

Onto the fifth bar! This one lets you add contact lenses, eye makeup, eyebrows, and eyelashes to your picture. You can control them the same way I showed in the previous picture. You can switch between these by using a scroll bar on the left. The top one is contacts, the second one is eyeshadow, the third one is eyelashes, and the final one controls eyebrows.

Again, you can page through these arrows located on the bottom of the page.

The sixth bar has options for hair, and the seventh bar has tattoo options.

Third main tab and third minor tab has more add-ons, From hearts, tiaras, clothing, holiday themed stickers, and fun signs. All of these can be added the same way blush, makeup, hair, and tattoos are.

Then we move into fonts, Third main tab and forth minor tab. The fonts involve a lot of buttons, but are very simple to use, click the text box, select a font, and type whatever you want. Then use the menu to control size and color.

The next tab down let’s you add speech bubbles of sorts. Click on whichever speech bubble you want, pick your font, color, and adjust the size to your liking.

And the last tab down let’s you add cute pre-written text.

Third main tab and fifith minor tab has 5 different sidebars, that each have a few dozen frames, tarnishes, and filters.

Third main tab and six minor tab, this tool is stupid, but fun nonetheless. You get to put your face into other images.

Third main tab and seventh minor tab  gives you three options, you can free paint, add cute emoticons, or simple silhouette images.

These emoticons are pretty much the cutest thing ever, I feel like they will make it into a lot of my future facebook photos.

Main tab 4. Let’s you turn your image into a really cheesy gif. – honestly I can not imagine anyone ever using these, since the look so dumb….but anyway, you just click which effect you want and it’s instantly added to your picture.

Onto Main Tab 5, and minor tab 1 let’s you create collages really easily. Just click whichever design/how many boxes you want. Double click on the unfilled boxes to upload a new file.

Major tab 5, and Minor tab 2 lets you add a background to your image.

Fifth main tab and third minor tab lets you add a simple background to your image.

Move along to main tab six, and there my friends- you are finished! Label your file, choose the quality you want, and click the blue button.

I hope this was helpful, feel free to ask if you have any questions.