The Making of ‘Royal Milk Tea’ – Sakizou Artwork – Part 3 Socks & Stockings

So today I would like to present a blog post all about socks.

It’s a sad day for a blogger when you have to write a post a bout socks. But for me, that day has come.

I would suggest reading (or viewing) my previous posts relating this costume before diving into this one. You can also see reference pictures in the part 1 post.

The Making of ‘Royal Milk Tea’ – Part 1 Conquering the Bustle

The making of ‘Royal Milk tea’ – Part 2  Starting the Sleeves & Skirt

I bet you are sitting there thinking this will be a boring post, because socks are obviously very easy to make.

This is a common mistake.

It is also a mistake I made, and then proceeded to spend 16 hours making a pair of socks, ranting and cursing all the way along.

The file folder with all the information relating to these socks is named ‘satans stockings’ which is pretty accurate.

In case you hadn’t picked up on it, these were very frustrating and difficult to make.  I’ll try to keep my anger at bay throughout writing this post- but be warned, it may slip at times.


Despite what I said earlier, making a basic stocking/sock isn’t that difficult. I’ve done/demoed it before, but I’ll show you again so it’s all into one post. These first three pictures are from back when I was making my Mizore cosplay, check that post out here.

If you haven’t done this before you will need to make a pattern, I’m sure there are far better ways of doing this…but this was my “creative method”

I cut out a block that would fit over my leg

I draped it over my leg and pinned all the way up the back until it fit snugly.

I cut around the edges and removed the pins – leaving me with this.

Once I added seam allowances this became a perfect stocking pattern. I drafted it onto newsprint and cut out four pieces, two for each leg since the white knit i’m using is slightly opaque.

‘Now, I could sew this up in two minutes and have myself a perfectly nice white sock. It would be really easy, but sadly Royal Milk Tea’s stockings are 10x more complicated.

I measured out the circumference of my thigh (20 1/2″), cut a length of lace to that size and sewed it into place. This is made slightly tricky since the lace isn’t stretchy and the knit material is (but that’s kind of the point, so)

There we go – the top is now stretched to the right size.

Let’s move away from that and talk about the little blue windows (I later nicknamed these gravestones since I swore they would be the death of me) that decorate her stockings.

I  found a size/shape I liked and cut out a bunch of them

But after a lot of playing around and experimenting I discovered that I really didn’t like how they looked at all. They were very flat and lifeless; Not to mention that the braided trim I was using looked really crappy.

On a whim (since i’m ‘Miss.let’s-make-everything-more-difficult-than-it-needs-to-be) I decided to try adding quilt batting to give them more “life” which I thought looked way, way better. (It’s on the left).

As per usual, the best way is also the most difficult, and the windows ended up taking a while to make.

  Now back to the sock!

I cut a strip of ruffles to the same 20 1/2″ length and sewed them 1 1/2″ down from the top.

Then I started marking out the holes that the gold ribbon threads through. This is easily the most frustrating part of everything, and very time consuming.

Once the holes were cut they got painted with three layers of fray-check

I then sewed a strip of gold trim on to cover the seam of ruffles. This trim is actually home made of plastic foam flooring which had gold spandex stretched and glued over it. It was originally made for a different costume (one that requires thirty some-odd yards of it) but I thought it would work well for this.

The process of making it is stupidly complicated and not something I want to go into right now.

Anyway – it was hand sewed onto the stocking, a very painstaking process since foam flooring, spandex, and hot glue are not nice things to stitch through, especially when doing so with metallic thread.

. There is a little jump here – as you can see above the “windows” got zig-zag stitched into place, I actually liked how this looked but it was a bit messy, so I decided to cover it later on.

I also started hand sewing the gold arches into place. A task that was quite easy but, once again, time consuming.

And lastly I glued on little flower cameos which I had painted gold.

Once the backseam was sewn up, they looked like so

I can’t even put into words how proud I was of this. It was stupidly time consuming and frustrating but god damn it I have never been so glad to have something done.

and then the realization that I had to make a second one settled in

I wasn’t very happy about that. But luckily, the second one was much easier to make than the first.

Also, I mentioned covered the windows with something, since my braided gold trim idea looked dumb I settled on rhinestone trim.

This stuff is officially tHE BIGGEST PAIN TO SEW ON EVER. But  I love how it looks – when in doubt add glitter, right?

The left one is still missing the rhinestone trim, neither of the socks have bows or large cameo pendants (post office still hates me), and the ruffles need to be tacked down. BUT OTHER THEN THAT these are done.

What a stupid amount of work for socks, good god.


6 thoughts on “The Making of ‘Royal Milk Tea’ – Sakizou Artwork – Part 3 Socks & Stockings

  1. GunKatCosplay says:

    I really admire your dedication and craftsmanship. Also, your rage at these socks is fully warrented and adorable! I hope you wear them to Katsu or Ota so I can see them in person and admire them!

  2. Susie says:

    I just found your blog through a tumblr post, and now I totally want to make a ruffly skirt with horsehair braid. I think the things you make are gorgeous, and it is inspiring the level of work you put in to even a pair of socks.

    • Angela Clayton says:

      Oh, I think I know the tumblr post you are talking about – I think you probably should. In my opinion everyone needs (at least) one ridiculously tacky, ruffly, amazing skirt – it’s simply a fashion staple haha. Thank you very much! I try not to half ass things since I know i’ll regret it later on and force myself to remake it. And some things you really don’t want to make twice (or once, in this case…)

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