The Making of ‘Royal Milk Tea’ – Sakizou Artwork – Part 5 Chokers, Cameos & Corsets

Just a warning, this the making of installment will probably be quite boring. This was originally supposed to be part of the corset post – but that post ended up being quite long, even without this part tacked onto the end. So here it is all on it’s own; It mostly talks about cameos, shoes, and to start off – a bit more news on my corset!

If this is your first visit to my blog, I would suggest reading the first few posts about this costume.

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The making of ‘Royal Milk Tea’ – Part 4 – The Corset’

I actually didn’t do much to it, I just sewed a ruffle on. It’s double hemmed and starched so it holds it’s shape better than silk taffeta usually does.  The lacing is very loose in these shots, it could easily tighten another 4″ when done up properly. That’s why the shape still looks a bit boxy. I can’t pull it in at the waist when it’s loosely laced so the boning stays straight.




So moving on!

I ordered the rhinestones from here. I purchased 1, 2, and 3 mm ones in the colors champagne, light brown, and light yellow. They are all very clear and pretty so i’m quite pleased with that order. Shipping took somewhere around two weeks.

The pearls were purchased here and they are 8mm in the color teal. These shipped really quickly and came with a sweet note.

I bought the cameo frames here and the cameos here and let me just say NEVER AGAIN. I needed 30+ cameos with frames in the same size so I scouted out places with the best prices. These shops sold things in lot’s of six and had everything pre-made so I figured they would be good choices.

I was really wrong. They claimed two week shipping and it took over 45 days for them to get to me. Shipping should never take that long, ever. The product is good but the service was awful and i’m really disappointed by that. They kept blaming shipping delays on Hurricane sandy but at that point the product was still in China, so it didn’t even make sense.


Anyway, this was my haul of cameos and pearls.


The frames ended up being a a very dark brownish bronze color that didn’t suit my purpose at all, so I spray painted them a gold color.


I thought that would be good enough, but they looked so dull I couldn’t stand it. I decided to add rhinestones to a few of them, the ones with more notable placement (the ones on the wig, the ones used for bracelets etc). Since gluing on rhinestones is so time consuming it was something I wanted to avoid  as much as possible.

Sadly, my perfectionist came out and after I saw the difference between the ones with rhinestones an the ones without, I knew it was a treatment that all of them needed.

Cue many, many, hours bent over a desk inhaling awful fumes well trying to place tiny little stones.  On the bright side, I’m really happy with how they look now. I just have to suck it up and finish another dozen of these..


If you were wondering, the cameos are incorporated in RMT’s jewelry, headdress, shoes, stockings, sleeves and they also hang off the skirt hem. That’s why I needed so many.

I decided it was then time to make the choker. It’s made from a strip of beaded trim, a ruffle, and a piece of lace. It closes with two snaps around the back and was entirely hand sewn together.



I think it’s pretty. I still have two more necklaces to make for this costume, hopefully they’ll be as easy as this one was.


Onto the shoes! I can’t find the listing, but I got these on ebay for $22. They were a very bright shade of fuscia suede – and most people would probably take one look and pass them by. BUT NOT I. I saw them and knew right away they were perfect for this costume.

I really liked the covered platform and the fact it doesn’t have a typical rounded toe. It’s gives the shoe a really regal sort of uncommon shape. I felt like a regular patent leather pump would look really cheap by comparison.


Now obviously there is a little issue with the color – but that was solvable!

It took eight coats of white primer to get them you know, white. By that point they didn’t feel fuzzy anymore, either. I mixed the color I wanted out of a green, royal blue, and white. It took three coats to get that looking smooth – I apologize for the weird angle on this.


Then I got to start gluing crap onto them. Mostly some pretty ribbons that I picked up in NYC.


I’m still in the process of rhinestoning these – but so far it’s been going well.


 So there we go, not the most exciting post i’ve ever written, but it had to be done. Only two or three posts left before this costume is COMPLETE i’m so excited.

As always, thanks for reading.


5 thoughts on “The Making of ‘Royal Milk Tea’ – Sakizou Artwork – Part 5 Chokers, Cameos & Corsets

  1. auadb says:

    Woah, woah, woah, wait a minute. Only 2 comments on this gorgeous work of sewing skills?
    Let’s have a third one.
    Ok, let me start… you are amazing. Really, I read all your posts (I know, I’m kinda stalker :D) and since I love sewing and cosplaying I couldn’t notice how your skill is improved! This Sakizo’s dress is perfect, puffy, great! I’m not able to do such a good work, myself.
    I tried but in the end, even if I make mistakes, I leave them without changing anything… so I really admire your stubborness (in a good way, I have to specify) and everything you do.
    So… nothing to say, keep sewing and may the force be with you! 😀

  2. Lindsey Musiel says:

    Wow!! This is so awesome!! Your work is so inspiring! You’ve really challenged me to put the extra mile into my outfits!

    May I ask a simple question, what kind of boning do you use for your corsets? And where so you get it? It looks so good!! What kind of glue do you use to attach everything?

    So much detail!

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