The Making of ‘Royal Milk Tea’ – Sakizou Artwork – Part 6 Finishing Touches

Here is the very last the-making-of post about Royal Milk Tea. I’m ridiculously happy to call this costume complete, but i’m also a bit sad that I can’t fuss over it any longer. This was such a big detailed project for me and in the past three months I’ve become used to it being there, something to turn to when I get angry at other costumes. It’ll be hard to start something new, though I do have a few ideas!

If you are curious about the previous posts relating to this costume, they can be read below.

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Just a heads up, this is the shortest and perhaps most photo heavy post relating to this costume. There really wasn’t that much left to do.


My first order of business was creating a giant, striped, bow. The back of this costume isn’t super visible, but there is definitely some striped bow like stuff going on back there. Stripes are not the most fun thing to make, especially with silk taffeta (so many puckers), but I managed.


I ironed my seams open and eventually got this to a point where I was pleased with it.


Then I sewed my newly-made-striped-material onto quilt batting, so the bow would be super puffy.


I folded this  in half, sewed a seam up the back, and ironed it flat. Then I sewed some ribbon scraps and stuff together to create a middle piece for the bow.


 I also sewed a cameo on, because they are everywhere.


Speaking of cameos! Last time I posted about this I was busy killing brain cells by gluing rhinestones onto them. This process continued for a while until I had several dozen complete. Here was one group of them.


The majority of the cameos ended up getting sewn onto my bustle/skirt. I also purchased a gold rhinestone chain which was cut into 9″ lengths and sewn between the cameos.

The bustle closes with a buckle – something I struggled with when I attempted to wear it this past weekend. I underestimated how heavy it was, I thought it would lay over my hips and stay up just fine – it didn’t. At all. It literally fell off of me and was a big mess.

But that’s a story for another day.


Little bows are glued onto each cameo, these were purchased in NYC for ten cents a piece.


And with that my bustle was pretty much done, though I did go through and hand sew on a few more strips of trim and two five inch bows.

I moved onto the sleeves! All the sleeves really needed were ruffles.

So I sewed on a layer of ruffles.


But the layer looked lonely so I sewed on another.


I liked how the two layers looked, so the sleeves got sewed (by hand) onto the corset.


When I put that on with my bustle…



I changed a few things after these were taken, like adding a modesty panel to the corset and re-stuffing the right sleeve. But for the most part, I was really happy with how it looked.

Moving onto the headpiece/teapot! This was the one part of this costume that I didn’t make. My dad actually sculpted it out of florists green foam and covered it in wallpaper paste, which is pretty incredible. The wallpaper paste was sanded, primed, and spray painted ivory.



I decorated it with puff paint, fabric scraps, pearls and rhinestones.


The headpiece (or lack there of) is actually unfinished, so is the wig. They were made last minute and I would like to fix them for the future.

The wig was purchased from cosplaywig, then cut apart, stubbed, and styled by me.




And with that complete, Royal Milk Tea was ready for Otakon!

Still waiting to see photoshoot pictures, but here is a very nice hall shot by Eminence Rain.


Thank you all for reading! I hope you enjoyed reading about this project as much as I enjoyed making it. If you have any questions, i’m sure I would be happy to answer them.


9 thoughts on “The Making of ‘Royal Milk Tea’ – Sakizou Artwork – Part 6 Finishing Touches

  1. Tina S. says:

    ._______. You are amazing! By chance could you do a video tutorial on some of the techniques you use? Or even know of some that could be helpful. I would like to eventually start an outfit – won’t probably be for another year though. Doesn’t mean I can’t learn though right? 🙂

    Any help would be SUPER awesome.

    Thank you!
    Tina S.

  2. ElineV says:

    You’re so talented.. I just recently learned to operate a basic stitch on the sewing machine, and I was a bit proud. But then I see your work… Damn :p how long have you been sewing?

  3. NodokaChan1 says:

    Hello! I stumbled on your page (I have noticed you are quite popular) and I saw you were a fellow katsucon attendee! I am also a fan of Sakizou’s work and plan on doing her Frau for 2015. If you are doing anything Sakizou I would be honored to grab a pic with you (maybe chat?). I am not as skilled as you are, but I hope to be putting up progress pics soon.
    Sorry to have bothered you and for being so bold. Take care!

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