A sewing room tour.

A few days ago it was a very rainy, dark, dreary day on long island. Although I enjoy rain, it wasn’t a very “inspiring” day, and I couldn’t find it in me to do anything sewing related….so I decided to clean. 

My sewing room was in desperate need of a clean up, although I try to clean up after every sewing project, my last few projects were mushed together, and the cleaning never happened. Because of this my sewing room was an absolute mess, to the point where it was affecting my ability to sew and work properly. 

Once my clean up was done, I was really satisfied – so much so that I took a few photos and posted them on tumblr. The feedback was really lovely, so I decided to post them here, too! 

This room was originally my family’s guest room, it’s quite small and didn’t start off as a very functional space. Once it was cleared out it was painted the color of my choice, and the desks were built by my father, from wooden doors we bought at home depot! The other pieces of furniture where unused objects that were found in our basement. 

It’s a little crowded, since I have so many things, but I still like the space very much, so here are some photos! 


I have two corner, mini, bookcases that each hold four four wig heads. On the left side I have a little white unit that holds figures and thread. On the opposite side I have a heater/fan for the winter. Next to that I have a case from pottery barn which holds a few patterns, and more thread. 


On one side of the room I have a drafting table, and beneath it is my RMT bustle! Next to that I have two buckets filled with scrap cloth and mock up materials. The three, blue lidded bins are filled with fabric and abandoned projects. Atop that are buckets for electronics, mostly camera equipment and chargers. Next to those I have a laptop fan and a tablet. 


Next to that is my drawing desk that doesn’t get much use these days. The table top is lined with poster board and holds the entirety of my marker collection. Colored pencils, pens, and pencils, sit in cups on the left side. Beneath the desk I have two drawer units, the fancier of the two holds tape, staples, hot glue, and pins in one drawer, patterns in another, and books in the bottom. 

The plastic one has a drawer for interfacing, one for wigs, and another for patterns. Atop it I have sketch pads and papers. 


Across from that is my ironing board. I have nails where I hang in-progress projects, and beneath it I have boxes filled with cosplay shoes. Off to the side I have materials I’ve bolted, mostly chiffon and things that don’t fold well! 


Next to that is my baby, my new industrial sewing machine! Above this there is a large mirror, and beneath it (on the left side, where my feet don’t go) I have three hat boxes in various sizes. The largest has my tulle petticoats, and the smaller ones hold fancy brocades and the coordinating trims. 


The only unexplored area is my closet! 

It was a linen closet so it has shelves in it. One side has my finished costumes (that aren’t too large or poofy!). I have clear drawers beneath them that hold materials for specific projects, and above them I have plastic boxes that hold costume accessories.

On the other side I have large white bins that hold beading supplies, larger costume accessories, knitting material, old clothing I could use for things, and more unspecific fabric. My serger (which I still cannot use) and napoleon hat are up there as well. 

The shorter clear pull-tab buckets hold small things of thread, and the top has all the materials I need for a dress.The flocking buckets have even more fabric in them, and were bought at home goods.

The colorful boxes were purchased at AC Moore for $1.50 a piece. One of them holds lace, two of them have trims, one for chiffon, suiting, and another for horsehair braid. The three drawers have notions, the top being velcro, buttons, snaps, and clips. The middle has boning and the bottom are zippers. 

The three white buckets hold more fabric, one for knit/stretch materials, another for shaunting, and the last one is suiting. 

The bottom buckets are a huge mess. One has spandex, another has halloween costume fabric, another is twill, brocade, glitter organza, paint brushes, and even acrylic paints! 

The plastic pull bin has opened store bought patterns. Above it are tubed watercolors. 


Usually these doors are closed and my dress form is in front of them. On the left side I have a mirror that is balanced quite precariously atop more hat boxes! One of them holds mock ups, the other has my peachskin material collection.


 And that is it! I hope you enjoyed, or at least found it interesting ^^

5 thoughts on “A sewing room tour.

  1. sandra clayton says:

    I am most impressed by your organization. Loved the tour and don’t know how you fit everything in. Very well thought out use of space. Maybe inspire me to clean my sewing area!

  2. Sue says:

    Hello from Calcutta, India. I’m not into cosplay but I’ve been making costumes for theatre for many years now (sometimes professionally) and I’m well aware of the amount of work that needs to go into the costumes you’ve featured here. Your work is very impressive and I love that you’ve been blogging it. Keep it up.

  3. VIOLETA says:

    I love your work. And I can see you have a passion for it. I’m starting to make my own cosplay, and was wondering what sewing machine is better? Or which brand do you us3 to make all of your cosplay? Thank you so much and you have inspired me to sew haha.

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