“Pretty Pirate Project” – Part One

I haven’t decided what to name this costume idea just yet, so I’m calling it the “Pretty Pirate” and will change it when I find something better.

I’ve wanted to make some sort of historically inspired matchy-matchy outfit for a long while. My earliest sketches were of a dress but after a few months of thought it turned into this! I decided this would be a fun project with lot’s of little aspects to work on whenever I feel like it.

The design consists of a tunic, a bustier, a jacket, and a pair of shorts. With a hat and sash for accessories. The whole thing will be worn over ivory tights with brown boots.


I took chiffon and a very soft, lightweight upholstery fabric from my stash. I paired those with a blue demask and an ivory striped fabric I got from the home decor section in joanns. I’m really in love with all these fabrics and how they go together.

I decided to start off by making the shorts, since I figured they would be one of the more complicated pieces to make.

I wanted them to have some poof, just to help the jacket flare out over the hips. So I decided to pull out the pattern I used for my mountie shorts and alter that. I also cut a waistband out bands for the legs.


After a whole lot of playing around with a mock up I decided I could get the effect I wanted by pleating the sides and adding two darts to each panel. I also cut several inches of fabric off of each side so they wouldn’t meet up properly.

In the end my altered pattern looked like this




I wanted the front waistband to overlap at the sides by an inch. Because of this the waistband for the front was cut two inches longer then the one for the back. I cut two of each size and sewed them together so each edge was finished.


The bands for the legs were folded in half, pressed, and top stitched so they looked nice.

Assembly wasn’t too complicated, the fabric I picked had a natural stiffness to it and pressed really well – so nice looking darts were easy to accomplish!


After folding over the edges I added the six grommets onto each side panel. I also added the half inch pleats to the legs and sewed up the crotch seam.


Once the pleats were sewn down the leg bands were sewn on. Then all the seams were done up leaving me with an almost finished pair of shorts.

All it was missing were the modesty panels for the sides, which I made from chiffon and pleated in pretty way.


These were sewn Β into the sides, and lacing was threaded through the grommets!

DSC_1837Later on that day I added two snaps on each side for closures, with a cloth covered button on top for decoration.Β 


And that’s about it for those. The next piece I make will be the bustier, and if all goes well I will make a tutorial on it too!


3 thoughts on ““Pretty Pirate Project” – Part One

  1. Skie says:

    I like that you are making a pirate costume I was actually looking up how to make a jacket like that so I can make a cosplay. I will defiantly be waiting to see how you make the jacket.

    • Angela Clayton says:

      Easier then you’d probably expect! They feel like regular wedges, mostly. But you need to angle your legs forward a bit to avoid the i-think-i’m-going-to-fall-backwards-and-die feeling. Takes a bit of practice but not too bad!

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