Black and Grey Dress – Photos

Of course wordpress would make a sneaky change to the photo uploader the day I want to upload my most recent photo shoot pictures. Luckily this update isn’t too complex and I think I’ve managed to work it out – but you never really know until the post is up, so fingers crossed nothing looks too wonky!

This past weekend I dragged my dad out to a local park to take some photos of my Black and Grey dress. We found a neat location that was filled with vines and spiky things – the type of thing that you appreciate during daylight, but would be scared of at night. I’m really pleased with how these pictures came out – they aren’t super special but I think they show the costume well!

I still lack the ability to pose in a pleasing manner, or show any type of expression in pictures.

Maybe i’ll get there someday.

Black and Grey VIIII

Black and Grey VIII

Black and Grey I

Black and Grey IIIII

Black and Grey IIIIII …

Black and Grey VII

Black and Grey VI

Black and Grey IIII

Black and Grey III

 I’m happy to call this project finished, since it’s been a WIP for far too long. All and all it came out better then I had expected, but there are still things I would change if I ever wear it again.

(which is slightly doubtful since the construction has some issues)

For now i’m setting this aside and moving on to new projects and finishing some other old ones!

4 thoughts on “Black and Grey Dress – Photos

  1. nashia says:

    Awesome. I have just gone through some pages of your website. Please give a option so that your can be pinned on pinterest

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