Isabel de Requesens, Photos

Don’t get top excited by the title, these photos are crappy in my sewing room shots! I would really like to set up a proper backdrop with drapery and candles and fancy lighting but for now these will have to do. As per usual the costume was made, worn, and photographed by me.

Getting these shots was more difficult then usual since I can’t lift my arms in this dress. The struggle I went through just to focus the camera was pretty intense.

If you haven’t seen them already, I have five blog posts and two videos which go through the process of making this costume, they can all be found here!






I’m really pleased with how this turned out. I might have to remake the hat at some point since it’s still not holding it’s shape that well, but for now it’s fine.

Thanks for reading…er, in this case, looking! I should have a “The making of” post up soon.

5 thoughts on “Isabel de Requesens, Photos

  1. Niki says:

    Two suggestions for keeping the hat’s shape:
    1. sew in some cording around the edge of the hat to help give it a little sturdiness (same idea as a corded petticoat)
    2. If you stretch out horsehair while you iron it, it creates a sort of skinny very flexible boning that might give you the right level of stability.

    Best of luck!

  2. Cindy L says:

    The beaded hat truly brings the whole look together.
    Another suggestion for shaping: check out the electrical cables that can be purchased by the foot at your hardware store. They come in various gauges, and their rubbery coating helps them grab the fabric. Some can be gently bent and hold that shape, others can’t–I’ve used both, depending on the desired effect/function.
    Looking at everyday items in a new way can solve some vexing problems, often at a very modest pricepoint!

  3. Molly Brooks says:

    It looks beautiful! The completed project is very accurate! I have a suggestion for the hat: You could purchase some fine beading wire and weave it into the inside of the edge. I’ve never actually done this so I”m not 100 percent sure it would work but it seems likely.

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