Making a Rose Colored Chiffon Chemise

I’m not sure what happened this week, I ended up not blogging for some unexplainable reason. But today i’m back and i’ll be talking about making a simple chemise from chiffon!

I picked up this china rose colored two tone chiffon many months ago because I fell in love with the color. None of my projects this year have required anything like it so it has sat around collecting dust. For my newest design  I needed a chemise to wear under a maroon middle ages inspired dress I knew I had finally found a project for this material!

I paired it with a colorful brocade, the same fabric was used to trim the dress i’m pairing this chemise with.

I only had three yards of this fabric which wasn’t really enough so I had to use my fabric sparingly. I cut my fabric into three pieces, the first was the smallest and was used to make sleeves, the next was the front of the chemise, and the last was slightly longer to create the back of the chemise. Since I didn’t have enough fabric to make a full length version I decided a high low hem was as close as I could get.

Before I could do much with chiffon I made the patterns for the collar and cuffs. On the left is the pattern I made for the chemise, the one on the right is for the matching dress.


The cuffs were just rectangles with seam allowances added in. Once the paper patterns were done I went ahead and cut the pieces from brocade.


I also used the pattern to cut a layer from white cotton, which will eventually be used as lining. Once all the pieces were cut out I marked the edges and hemmed them.


When those were finished it was time to make the dress. The two rectangles I cut for the body of the dress got sewn together with french seams. Then the garment was hemmed – i’m still really bad at hemming chiffon, it never turns out well!

I only have a photo of the first step in hemming this, the fabric was turned under a quarter inch and stitched in place with large basting stitches. Then I rolled the hem and secured it with a whip stitch, which isn’t shown below.


I used a small running stitch to gather the chiffon down


The majority of the raw edge will be covered by the collar lining, but the parts that will hang down to create sleeve holes won’t be covered. So I stitched lace over the tops to keep them from fraying.


Then I sewed the dress onto the collar!


This is what it looked like on a dress form. It’s not a very good color representation but you can see the length!


Now it’s time to talk about the sleeves! I drafted a really simple boxy pattern for these. I would have liked to make them wider and fuller but I was working with fabric limitations.


The sleeves were gathered at both ends, then lace was stitched across the tops to prevent fraying.


The lower edge got sewn on to my little rectangle cuffs!


The side of the cuff and lower two inches of the sleeves were hemmed. The sleeves will close with a french seam but also have an eyelet at the wrist.

My hands are way to fat to make it through a cuff that matches my wrist measurement, leaving the lower two inches open prevents me from having to attempt it.


I sewed in the cuff lining, added the eyelets, and my sleeves were almost done!


All they needed were french seams, then they were ready to be attached to the dress.


I sewed them in place with a whip stitch. From the outside the dress looked okay, but the inside was a bit of a mess!



I trimmed the worst of the fraying, then sewed the lining in place.


I had originally planned on adding eyelets at the back of this chemise, but I can pull it over my head without any problem, so that wasn’t necessary. All I did to finish this off was sew up the back with a french seam!


This was quite the easy little project. I dislike working with chiffon so I wouldn’t call it fun, but i’m happy with how it turned out!

Thanks for reading!

7 thoughts on “Making a Rose Colored Chiffon Chemise

  1. Katie says:

    What a gorgeous color! And chiffon is such a lovely fabric, (although its a nightmare to sew!) How did you sew the lining onto the brocade? Did you use a whip stitch?

  2. katie says:

    i was wondering if you cut the armhole shape into the chiffon, or if it is just two rectangles sewn together and then the space where the armhole is was just left unsewn to the collar. thanks!

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