Making a Silvery Blue Dress, Part Three

This is the final post about making this dress! I originally posted about it at the end of January, almost two weeks after I finished it. It’s inspired by Madalena’s wedding dress in the show “Galavant” and has a Renaissance/Fantasy flair to it.

There is more information about all that in the first, and the second posts about this project! I would suggest reading those first, if you haven’t already.

In my last post I had just completed the bodice and sleeves, which meant it was time to focus on the skirt! The skirt is made entirely from the greyish “mystery” fabric. I had quite limited amounts of fabric, so I couldn’t make the skirt as full as I had hoped. It ended up being a rectangular front panel, with three gored panels in the back. Skirts like this can be cut from three and a half yards of fabric, which is super handy!

I gave it a small train – I would have made it longer if I had more fabric, but it only ended up being around sixteen inches.


 I had planned on cartridge pleating the top, so I cut strips of flannel on the bias to back the waistline with. This will give the fabric more volume which makes it pleat nicer!


I hemmed one edge, then stitched it onto the skirt. One end folds over a half inch, and the other is one and a half inches long.


Unfortunately even with the backing this fabric really didn’t want to pleat nicely. I ended up with really tiny, sad looking gathers and I wasn’t pleased with them at all.


So I decided to pleat the top instead. I had hoped having a gathered waist would help differentiate it from the dress I used as inspiration, since i’m not trying to make an exact copy of it. But sometimes you have to do what works with the fabric, even if it isn’t part of the plan!


This is it all pinned! One large box pleat is in the center, then knife pleats on the sides.


Then it was time for hemming! I marked one inch inside the hem and folded the edge to touch it, then basted it down.


Then I turned that edge inward again, until I had an even one and a half inch hem. I did make the hem a little deeper towards the back, so I could get really smooth curves.


I stitched it by hand with a cross stitch to make it nice and pretty!


I turned the top of the back seam edges over to create a slit.


I finished the edge with bias tape and sewed hook/eye closures every one and a half inches to keep the skirt closed. I don’t think I got any photos of those, but below you can see the markings I made for them.


Then the skirt got pinned on!


And finally sewn on. I did this by hand to try and hide the stitches, but both of these fabrics are very pucker prone so i’m afraid it isn’t as smooth as I had wanted!


Here is the finished dress – all it needs is a good ironing!


I’m probably most pleased with the tiny gathers on the sleeves.



I decided to pair this dress with the silver crown I got on ebay last year. I’m a little annoyed because it has started to turn gold in some areas which is really bizarre. I’ve heard of fake gold turning silver, but never the reverse! Luckily it kind of comes off with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.

I also wore it with a bunch of rings I got from ebay and forever 21, and a pair of earrings from Charlotte Russe.


After wearing this dress for a bit i’ve decided there are two things I want to change. The skirt REALLY needs a liner of some sort, the fabric is too flowy and looks very lumpy, even over a smooth petticoat. It also caves in at the bottom so I think adding six inch horsehair in the hem would make a huge difference.

I’d also like to pick up something to cover the waist seam – next time i’m in NYC I’ll keep a look out for silver lace!

Here are two pictures of the finished costume. We got some snow I thought it would make for a pretty backdrop!

Silver 2

Silver 1

Thanks for reading!

16 thoughts on “Making a Silvery Blue Dress, Part Three

  1. MadeByLyubov says:

    The silver turning gold was probably just some tarnish… It happens (even if the silver is fake) 😛 Love the dress 🙂 Every time I see one of your posts I considering learning to sew, but then I decide that I’ve got enough expensive hobbies lol. Great job!

    • Angela Clayton says:

      Huh, good to know! I guess I’m more familiar with silver looking dark and dirty when it tarnishes, not bright gold.

      Thank you – i’m glad you like it! And I can relate, but luckily when I got into sewing I dropped my other hobbies so it balanced out haha.

  2. lmayr2014 says:

    It’s a beautiful dress and you look lovely in it. The pictures of you in it look like a Christmas card! You did am amazing job!

  3. Molly Brooks says:

    I love the finished product! It looks beautiful and very regal. The pictures were also gorgeous, the snow was a perfect backdrop and I love the way you look with the accessories!

  4. Karen K. says:

    Just incredible! I adore this dress!! And the snow was a perfect backdrop for it! It kind of reminds me of a couple dresses in The Princess Bride. I can’t say it enough… I adore this dress!! Beautifully done!

    • Karen K. says:

      I’ve just googled Buttercup’s dresses and it must be the color of this (and perhaps the high waist) sparking my memory. They have neither the gathered puffs in the sleeves nor the pleated waist like your gown. It could be why I love the color so much even though I don’t care for blue, The Princess Bride has been my favorite movie since it came out!

    • Angela Clayton says:

      Thank you so much! I’m glad you like it.

      I looked up the dress, and even though it’s a different style I can see the similarities! They are both an odd greyish blue color, which isn’t very common. And they have similar textures on the bodice. The dresses in that film are gorgeous so i’m happy to be compared to them, haha!

  5. Lucia Beňadiková says:

    Hi! Me again! The second question. On this skirt, and I think it´s not the only one, you made this big, thick hem for the waist. I understand the reason and, actually, I can´t see what I´m going to question about, but still… isn´t it too thick and wide to be sewed into so thin layers of the bodice? Because according to my experience with one gathered skirt with a belt, the gathers are horrribly pressed on the belt. How did you avoid this happened?

    Thanks again and good luck, you´re awesome!

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