Silvery Blue Dress, Photos

I finally got around to editing all of these! So here they are, finished photos of my silver/galavant/renaissance inspired fantasy dress! I really need to think up a better title for this dress, but i’m the worst at naming things.

This dress was inspired by Madalena’s wedding dress in the show “Galavant” and has a few qualities to it that remind me of early Renaissance gowns. I made it from materials I had around, which included five yards of a shiny “mystery” fabric and a matching brocade. I made it in about two weeks, and it was a really enjoyable project! More information about the inspiration and construction process is posted under this tag.

These photos were taken during one of the many snowstorms we got this year – which are quite inconvenient, but make for some pretty pictures!

Blue 3

Blue 5

Blue 7

Blue 2

Blue 6

Blue 1

Blue 8


I mentioned in the last post about making this dress that I would like to add a liner to better support the skirt, because the flowy fabric doesn’t hold its shape. I’d also like to make a better petticoat to pair with my renaissance dresses, since I have many dresses with this shape and no specific petti to support them.

But aside from that, i’m really pleased with this dress and how the photos turned out!

14 thoughts on “Silvery Blue Dress, Photos

  1. Jiandra says:

    The photos are really amazing! Like straight out from a painting! I truly liked the crown touch and the snow setting. Must’ve been difficult to shoot because of the cold, yeah? Kudos to you and to your photographer for braving the freezing weather!

    Your works are always inspiring! > v<) ❤

  2. Minami says:

    Again, your dress is so beautiful! I love it, I totally love it! ❤ But, I think your neck seems a bit, well, empty? Maybe a nice, small necklace, to 'fill it up'? Please don't think I find your photos or dress ugly, it's just a suggestion. :3

  3. Helen says:

    Silly question, how do you keep the dress from falling off your shoulders? Hidden straps, double sided tape, a tight fit, or is it just the boning in the bodice that keeps it up?

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