Gold and Ivory Gown, Photos

Here is the photo set that I promised! I didn’t think I would have these finished until tomorrow, but I got them done a day early (this may be the lamest Christmas miracle ever) so here they are.

For the third year in a row my dad and I went to a Christmas Tree Farm and asked if we could take photos. The people that own the farm said yes, so we spent a good hour taking pictures and looking for the best clusters of trees that would make a nice backdrop.

Last year our trip there wasn’t very successful since the dress didn’t really suit the environment. But this time it went wonderfully! I think the contrast of the white dress against the green is striking, and the headpiece works nicely with the surroundings. Plus it was a really nice day, which helped.

Usually I only post eight or so photos, but I couldn’t narrow it down this time so i’m posting double that!

If you’ve missed my “The Making of” posts about this project, they can be read here, here, and here. I also have videos about making it which are posted here.

Angela Clayton Gold Dress 16

Angela Clayton Gold Dress 15

Angela Clayton Gold Dress 14

Angela Clayton Gold Dress 13

Angela Clayton Gold Dress 9

Angela Clayton Gold Dress 12

Angela Clayton Gold Dress 11

Angela Clayton Gold Dress 8

Angela Clayton Gold Dress 7

Angela Clayton Gold Dress 2

Angela Clayton Gold Dress 4

Angela Clayton Gold Dress 18

Angela Clayton Gold Dress 1

Angela Clayton Gold Dress 3

These ones turned out a little odd thanks to shadows from a tree that I didn’t notice until we got home. But I still like the pictures!

Angela Clayton Gold Dress 6

Angela Clayton Gold Dress 5

And that’s it! This is definitely my last post before Christmas, and mostly likely my last post of the new year. I hope you all have a fantastic holiday (or week, if you don’t celebrate any of them) and a great start to the new year!

Thanks for reading!

30 thoughts on “Gold and Ivory Gown, Photos

  1. NJMaryanne says:

    Love following your work via subscription emails. I think you should give credit (mention their name and town) to the Christmas tree farm or any other shoot location.

  2. Krista says:

    Stunning! I especially love the shot with your hair all backlit. (5th from the bottom). And the trees really do bring out the dress. You did a fantastic job as always!

  3. Marla K. King says:

    you and your work are absolutely lovely, but caged birds are depressing (even fake/decorative ones). I saved and will share on Yule the one with trees in background, sunny, no bird cage showing.

    • CELIA FIGUEROA says:

      Estoy de acuerdo los trabajos excelentes pero el pájaro enjaulado es crueldad me hubiese gustado que lo libere y nos gustaria a todos o sea a los que les gusta los pájaros
      enjaulados y los que queremos verlos libres que no se olvide esta artista que todos vemos sin discriminacion

  4. Nick Rhodes says:

    Elegant and striking, a beautiful creation. Proof that festive need not be an explosion in a tinsel factory. Merry Christmas Miss Clayton.

  5. Robin Robbs says:

    This is my first visit to your blog. I am a little surprised that the comments above reflect my youtube posting about you looking like a Christmas angel with these photos. 🙂 I have become a fan of your projects and talent. I am wishing you a wonderful and a Happy New Year! Thanks for sharing the joy of your creations with me.

  6. karashalla says:

    Such amazing talent! I was wondering whether you have done or would be interested in commissions? I have an annual Baroque Horse festival that I attend with my Warlander horse and after failing with making my own costume last year I’m looking to purchase one this year.

  7. Lollie H. says:

    I love your work. Every piece is really well done and turns out beautiful. Just a quick question, I’ve had trouble finding a good place to buy boning for bodices and corsets. Do you buy it online? And if so could you name the place?

  8. rangermoi says:

    I have no doubt that you’re headed toward a brilliant career in costuming (Broadway? Hollywood? The sky’s the limit!). Your collection is very impressive for someone who has been sewing only a few years – you have an keen eye for design, a sure hand with the needle, and obviously, a lot of patience and perseverence with all of the details. I’ve been sewing for 50 years, and never attempted (or really even thought about attempting!) anything like these beautiful costumes. And when I was your age and making my own clothes, although I’d sometimes include details like hand-smocking, etc., I was also extremely impatient (I wanted to sew something up and wear it right away!), and instead of pinning, hand basting, etc, as my seamstress grandmother and talented home-sewing mom would have me do, I would hold pieces together by hand as I ran them through the machine. This resulted – at one point – in a zipper being put in upside down in a silk velvet dress (and a lot of cursing as I carefully picked out all the stitches)! You’re doing things the right way, and it shows! Best of luck to you!!

  9. mrsmelanievarela says:

    YIKES, I’m late to the party. Another WOW project. It’s always all in the details with your dresses and costumes. I agree with the above comments that you look like a Christmas tree Angel. I think the bird cage is a nice touch. Adds a bit of whimsy and charm. A perfect location to shoot. Happy New Year to you and yours.

  10. EKent says:

    You’re work is absolutely stunning. I wish I had the time and space to devote to being even half as good as you! I wish I had every single one of your costumes, they are awesome.

  11. ViNSaNiTY says:

    What amazing work; your designs, your modeling (you’re beautiful for each of the gowns you are photographed in), and the photography are wonderful. FANTASTIC!

  12. Célia says:

    I’ve discovered your work yersterday, and since, I can’t do anything else but looking at your amazing projects!!! It really make me want to go back on my costumes and dresses projects….but I really have no time since I’m renovating my flat…I’m so eager to finish this so I can go back to my sewing machine ^^ Thanks a lot to share your work with us!! It is really motivating and inspiring! So good work and Happy New Year 🙂

  13. Daniela Iacoppi says:

    This is my first visit and the first time I’ve seen what you do, (saw a post about you on FB).Your work is incredibly beautiful, as are you! Well done, Angela Clayton!!

  14. Elaine Alton says:

    I found you on youtube accidently via FB like Daniella and only been following your amazing talent and costumes a couple of months. I wondered what underskirt you used under the gold dress. I have looked over your other vids but can not find a petticoat session. Can you help with this please……….. x

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