One thought on “peach-costume-2-9007

  1. Jenny says:

    I love Sybil and the renaissance era. I love every thing you make and I am so happy to have come accepts your channel and page. U are an inspiration. My mom works for universal and makes costumes for almost every character in the park. Harry Potter her dress stands in the entry of one of the shops in Harry Potter. It’s the one that illuminates with lights displaying butterflies and peacockalso the dress for Hermanie that she wore at a ball. . I too see and have been doing so since I was 7. But I’m not as good as you. I love fabrics and have found incredible bargains on Jamaica avenue Is a bit of a drive from wantagh where I live. And it’s a bit shabby area but I love the deals. Ives typed too much. My mom loves you and is so amazed by you and your creativity. We both agree you will go far baby. Thanks again. đź’•

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