Appa Pajama Set – ATLA

This project is an Appa (Avatar the last airbender) inspired set of pajamas. It involves a hooded, pullover top complete with horns and a pair of shorts made from matching material. The fabric is all double sided, washable, an super soft.  

This costume was based off of a storebought pattern which I altered to fit better. The horns, hood, ears, and arrows were all drafted by me. 

All and all it took a little over a week and was a very fun and satisfying little project! 

Part 1: Drafting and Altering Patterns 

Part 2: Sewing and Assembly 

 Part 3: Hood and Horns 

Included I have a matching Momo hoodie that I created for my canine companion Guin, which can be read HERE

Completed Project Photos:








10 thoughts on “Appa Pajama Set – ATLA

  1. Victoriya says:

    You simply gorgeous image and you look very beautiful and I was wondering about the Harry Potter series, not unless you want it of course do not, I’m just trying to feed you the idea)

  2. Melinda says:

    This pj set is so cool! My kids and I LOVE Avatar The Last Airbender and the detail on the back of this is spot on. Have you considered any of The Legend of Korra’s costumes?

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