Making an 18th Century “Undress” Costume – The Skirt & Accessories

Today I have the second making of post for my 18th century undress costume to share! I’ll go through making the skirt and matching accessories. If you missed part one, it can be read here, and talks about making the jacket and stomacher. I originally planned on making the skirt for this costume very simple – three panels of … Continue reading Making an 18th Century “Undress” Costume – The Skirt & Accessories

Completed Work

This page is undergoing construction – I apologize for any broken links, I’m doing my best to get them resolved soon. … 1890’s Day Dress, the “Pumpkin” Gown … 1830’s Plaid, Pleated, Dress … 18th Century “Undress” Costume … Sybil Inspired Edwardian Ensemble … Pink Sateen Ball Gown, 1860’s  … Cycling Costume, 1890’s … Plaid … Continue reading Completed Work