Appa Pajama Set – ATLA

This project is an Appa (Avatar the last airbender) inspired set of pajamas. It involves a hooded, pullover top complete with horns and a pair of shorts made from matching material. The fabric is all double sided, washable, an super soft.   This costume was based off of a storebought pattern which I altered to fit better. The … Continue reading Appa Pajama Set – ATLA

Making a Night Fury / Toothless Pajama Set, Part One

That title probably seems really weird if you aren’t familiar with the “How to Train Your Dragon” books, films, and franchise. I won’t get into the details about the series but it centers around vikings and their relationships with dragons. Specifically between the main character Hiccup and his Night Fury who is named Toothless. The … Continue reading Making a Night Fury / Toothless Pajama Set, Part One


Welcome to my cosplay page! Here you will find all my costumes of characters from some of my favorite video games, animes, modern artwork and movies. This page only includes completed projects that were made entirely (aside from props) by me. Some of my older projects were very poorly documented and have been deleted for … Continue reading Cosplay