Christmas Angel Costume

I wanted to make another Christmas Costume, and this year I decided to make something inspired by Angels. The idea is based around a Christmas Angel my family had when I was younger, it was lit from within with christmas lights and had a lovely glow. I made my dress from organza, a few dozen … Continue reading Christmas Angel Costume

The Christmas Costume

I purchased this fabric many months ago, but saved it until it was closer to the holiday season since it looked so very festive! I ended up pulling it out at the start of December after seeing an  inspiring photo of Anne of Austria. The whole dress is made from brocade, around six yards of … Continue reading The Christmas Costume

The Christmas Costume – A Glittery Gown – Part 2

Today something pretty unbelievable happened – I hit five hundred thousand all time views on my blog, which some people probably wouldn’t consider a lot. But i’m amazed, and smiling, and giddy because that is just so many people. I can’t even comprehend the fact that many people have read or willing viewed the ridiculously long rambles … Continue reading The Christmas Costume – A Glittery Gown – Part 2