Orchid Inspired Dress

My first attempt at being a high fashion! I based this dress off of my spotted phalaenopsis orchid, which sits on my windowsill and has been a great inspiration to me. I wanted to create something simple and elegant, while still being visually interesting. I made this dress from nine yards of fabric. Three yards of … Continue reading Orchid Inspired Dress

Completed Work

This page is undergoing construction – I apologize for any broken links, I’m doing my best to get them resolved soon. … 1890’s Day Dress, the “Pumpkin” Gown … 1830’s Plaid, Pleated, Dress … 18th Century “Undress” Costume … Sybil Inspired Edwardian Ensemble … Pink Sateen Ball Gown, 1860’s  … Cycling Costume, 1890’s … Plaid … Continue reading Completed Work