Grey Taffeta Dress & Hat

This ensemble was based off of a portrait of the sixteenth century woman Ana de Mendoza.  In her lifetime she was a countess, duchess, princess, and prisoner. I picked this portrait as inspiration because I enjoyed the contrast of the colors, and it was something I could easily make from materials I already owned. The … Continue reading Grey Taffeta Dress & Hat

Blue Taffeta Hooded Dress

A Renaissance themed gown vaguely inspired by Cranach paintings and costumes seen in “The Three Musketeers”. It’s made mostly from six yards of blue stretch taffeta and several yards of off white chiffon. The chiffon is lined with satin and the bodice is lined with cotton. The dress is decorated with hundreds of small glass … Continue reading Blue Taffeta Hooded Dress

Plaid, Pleats, and Piping – Making an 1830’s Dress, Part Two

This post is about making the sleeves, skirt, and bonnet for an 1830’s ensemble. I posted about making the bodice for this project a few months ago but didn’t finish the ensemble until last week! I looked at a lot of sleeve examples from the 1830’s but finally decided on something a little silly that would … Continue reading Plaid, Pleats, and Piping – Making an 1830’s Dress, Part Two