Black and Grey Dress

A cutesy project made on a whim when I was board and feeling ruffly. It consists of two pieces.

The first is a black overdress that is made from black velvet and lined with white cotton. The dress is reinforced with several pieces of boning and closes up the back with a hook and zipper. The dress is decorated with puffed trim that was handmade from strips of grey chiffon and embellished with 6mm grey pearls. Some of the skirt panels are decorated with small black lace that was purchased on etsy.

Beneath that a light grey chiffon dress is worn. The dress was assembled from several yards of poly chiffon and has a very full rectangle skirt and giant sleeves. The sleeves and skirt have a layer of of polyester organza under them to make sure they don’t collapse on themselves.The dress has an zipper up the back.

Both patterns and dresses were made by me.

I have two posts detailing this process

Black and Grey Dress – Fluffy & Ruffly, the underdress

Black and Grey Dress – Black Velvet, the overdress

And one post devoted to photos of the finished project

Black and Grey Dress – Photoshoot pictures

Black and Grey III

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