Brown Beaded Doublet

This is a four piece menswear (ish) costume centered around a beaded doublet. This project was inspired by pieces from Renaissance times and the mid seventeenth century. I based it off of paintings I liked instead of historical research, which means it isn’t very accurate in design or construction.

The doublet is made from a variety of brown materials, lace, and pearls. The pieces were bound together, the binding points were covered with lace which was later beaded by hand. It is lined with cotton, stiffened with buckram, and laces closed at the front with embroidered eyelets.

It’s worn over a cotton gauze tunic which has ties at the wrist and neck. That is paired with taffeta breeches which also lace closed and have cotton lining.  The final piece is a simple beret made from matching materials and canvas, which helps keep its shape.

Every piece was drafted, made, and worn by me. Blog posts and photos about the project can be seen below.

Making the Doublet, Part One

Making the Doublet, Part Two

Making the Breeches

Making the Tunic & Hat

Photos of the Finished Piece


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