Christmas Angel Costume

I wanted to make another Christmas Costume, and this year I decided to make something inspired by Angels. The idea is based around a Christmas Angel my family had when I was younger, it was lit from within with christmas lights and had a lovely glow.

I made my dress from organza, a few dozen yards of tulle, gold ribbon, wreath mesh, glittery garlands, fabric poinsettias, and LED lights. The method I used to make this dress is similar to how I made my flower dresses, just on a much larger scale.

It has a half circle base for the skirt, which is heavily embellished with all sorts of glittery things and finished off with four meters of LED lights. The lights were sewn on by hand, and the battery packs are stitched into pockets in the back seam.

The bodice is a simple fitted bodice, lightly boned with a lace up back and braided tulle neckline.

I have two blog posts about the process, along with two videos.

Making the Skirt (video)

Making the Bodice (video)

Christmas Angel Costume, Photos

Christmas Angel 7

19 thoughts on “Christmas Angel Costume

  1. Nycole says:

    You are amazing. I can’t even see a hemline (and my grandma was a serious dressmaker). Fashion is art, you are a true artist!

  2. Cindy says:

    Hi Angela, I’m from China, just want to let you know that you and your dresses are absolutely stunning! You made me want to buy a sewing machine and start learning!

  3. Zool says:

    Hey beauty! I’m from Mongolia. I wanna tell you my feelings ’bout you. You’re so unique girl. The best dresses i’ve ever seen! I’m feeling something mysterious and magical. And you’re so beautiful like your designs! You’re inspiring not only me! There is so many girls proud of you! So keep on moving 🙂

  4. Maria-Louise Husted says:

    Hej Beauty! 🙂
    I look at your dress every day! You are a great inspiration to me! 🙂 I want really a sewing machine now. maybe I would sew my own wedding dress one day. 😉 this dress could be a wedding dress. You are amazing! Thanks for sharing your beautiful dresses. And you are so young!! 🙂 I hope you always would make more dresses! Would you some day make more Disney princess dresses? 🙂

  5. Teresa Reed says:

    I Made Costumes for over 20 years, some for movies and plays, you have real talent ,you could be one of the best one day! don’t ever let any one stand in your way, you should look in to the movies,

  6. Faruk says:

    I never leave comments on blogs, but I just had to on this one. You’re dresses are absolutely amazing, and you are one of the most lovely girls I’ve ever seen in my life. I hope that you become a professional dressmaker and make the world a much more beautiful place with your eloquent dresses.

  7. Michelle Voyles says:

    Hi I want to attempt to .are a dress like yours can you list your supplies and fabrics and where you got them. Thanks you ate a true artist.

  8. Michelle Voyles says:

    Hi I was wanting to make a dress like yours and I was wondering if you could post a list of all of the supplies and fabrics and where you got them from thanks you are a true artist.

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