Welcome to my cosplay page! Here you will find all my costumes of characters from some of my favorite video games, animes, modern artwork and movies.

This page only includes completed projects that were made entirely (aside from props) by me. Some of my older projects were very poorly documented and have been deleted for that reason. So if you think something is missing, it was probably removed due to incorrect information, bad quality photos, or poor writing.

Each link leads to specific pages for the costume mentioned, which includes links to every post related to that costume, along with a brief description and photos of the completed project.

If you aren’t interested in anything in partiular but would like to browse, I would suggest viewing my cosplay category tag.

Toothless Inspired Pajamas

Toothless Resize 2

Cinderella Inspired Dresses


Royal Milk Tea

(Based off of artwork by Sakizo)


Elsa The Snow Queen

(From the animated film Frozen)


Napoleon Bonaparte

(from the game Eiyuu*Senki)



(From the animated film Brave)


Fighter School Look

(from the game Granado Espada)



Appa Pajama Set & Matching Momo Hoodie

(From the series Avatar the Last Airbender)


Mio Aoyama

(From the series The World God Only Knows)

(The making of posts have been removed, link is to photos only!)


The “kawaii” Mountie

(Original design based off of RCMP uniforms)


Vlad Tepes

(From the game Eiyuu*Senki)


Photo credits to Anna Fischer, Viewitful design, My Parents & Self

9 thoughts on “Cosplay

  1. Angela M. de Grillet says:

    Dear Angela, I am another Angela writing you across time from my 63 well lived years 😉 I was like you when I was your age. My Mom told me when I was 14: “You want dresses??? You can have all you want and You’ll get the money for the materials but you will have to make them yourself!” Ghee, what a tricky mother I had! She opened up a world of unlimited possibilities and pleasure, I loved to design and make my own dresses just the way I dreamed them to be! So, from my age to yours, keep on doing what you are doing, you will come a loooong way! There is nothing you cannot do. Believe me this is true. You are very special and very gifted and if I would be your Mom I would be so proud of my little girl, just as I know your Mom is too. You are a jewel. Keep yourself this way, don’t compromise to the mediocrity of the world. Believe in yourself, all what you ever want to be, you can be, and its already true inside yourself. You only have to materialize it and, as I can see, you know already how to do this. I wish you a happy, fullfilled life, true to yourself! (if there are some spelling errors, I am not a native english speaker 😉 Love, Angela

  2. mollyzbell says:

    I have seriously fallen in love with your talent! You have such a skill for making costumes and dresses, and I’ve seen you on tumblr and really enjoy your work! You also are very very pretty! I can’t wait to see what more you can do!

  3. Amanda says:

    Everything from the Botticelli-esque look of your makeup to the fine detailing of the gown; could you be any more perfect & amazing? -Lawrd, they are works of art. I want to know where you get your wigs.

    • Angela Clayton says:

      Aw, thank you! I get my wigs on ebay, a lot of them are from the stores “cosplaywig” or “wigfashion” but I tend to pick whatever is cheap from sellers with good ratings.

  4. Fredrica Strawbridge says:

    You need to meet my grandson (18). H loves dressing up and I make many of his costumes, but not as well as you. He loves Cosplay and attend many of their functions. You do beautiful work. I started when I was 7 made my first dress with zipper when I was 10. My true love is children’s clothing and costuming. My hardest costume was for a robot, but I did it with boxes, Christmas lights, foil, and dryer vent hoses. This was many years ago and I would do a great deal different now, but my direction is more toward the clothing line. Keep it up, you are great!!!!

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