Fashion & Fantasy

Welcome to my Fashion and Fantasy projects page! Here you will find some fairytale and fantasy inspired garments, along with some you could wear in the modern world.

Each link leads to specific pages for the costume mentioned, which includes links to every post related to that costume, along with a brief description and photos of the completed project.

Black Lace Dress

Black Lace Dress 3

Orchid Inspired Dress


Fluffy Feathered Dress


Christmas Angel Costume

Christmas Angel 7

Diaphanous Flower Dresses


DSC_9509 copyRESIZE


5 thoughts on “Fashion & Fantasy

  1. Ali says:

    Hi! I love your work and would love to try this some time! Only problem, never created any clothes whatsoever and don’t have the time. I’m only 11. You should totally do a little red riding hood costume!

  2. catherine says:

    ive been watching/reading your blog for about 2 years now (or whenever frozen was released) and i love it so much and i love all the stuff you do and youve inspired me to do it as well but to be honest i have no idea where to begin haha. also how i can convince my parents to let me buy fabric and such (we dont even have a working sewing machine :/) so im wondering if your parents we’re ever against this and where to start etc.

  3. Sally Turner says:

    I’ve been sewing with anything I could get my hands on since I was 14 and I’m now 57. I specialize in tailoring mostly fitted dresses but I’ve sewn about everything including a fur covered deer hide coat. It’s a blessing God gave me and I love it. I never took any classes and learned by doing. I’m incredibly impressed with your work and knowledge. Have you taken any training? How do you afford the fabrics, they’re so expensive now even with Joanne’s coupons Lol. Keep up the fine work. You can see a tiny bit of my work on my page “Anything Sews”. Thanks for sharing and good luck with your future.

    • M.Kiki.D says:

      They sell fabric at Walmart that isn’t very expensive! and you can get cheap fabric at good will, estate sales, yard sales,etc. And lots of ribbon and lace!

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