Fighter School Look – Granado Esapda

One of (if not the most) complicated thing I have ever made. Though it wasn’t hard, it was challenging and quite tedious.

The costume features seven pieces – all of which were drafted and sewn by me. This includes the undershirt, corset, vest, tie, collar, socks, and skirt.

The costume was made from a variety of materials, all of which I had on hand (aside from the trim). The main fabrics are off chiffon, two way gold/tan knit, brown suede, and white suede. It was lined with satin and the tie is quilters cotton.

In addition to that, four yards of brown leather trim and eight yards  1mm and 8mm leather coated gold cording were used. Twenty buttons were purchased and painted gold.

Just about everything is held together with snaps. 

I have one post that talks about making this project

The Making of a Fighter





DSC_1500 copy


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