Maroon Dress

A dress that was designed, sewn, and completed in under twenty four hours. Made from several yards of upholstery fabric, lined with cotton sateen, and detailed with cream chiffon ruffles and puffs. 

The bodice is fully boned and closes with a zipper. Hooks are sewn onto the wrists to make sure they close tightly. 

I have a single post describing the process of making this dress: 

The making of a Maroon Dress

As well as a post with more photos of the completed design

Maroon Dress Photos



5 thoughts on “Maroon Dress

  1. Stacy P says:

    I don’t know which one I like vest, this one or the red dress!! I may have to make one of each this summer!! Ur work is so gorgious and in ur pictures, I swear u look to be older then 15!!

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