Merida – Brave

This was made on a whim over a period of two weeks. The patterns were created by me from several yards of muslin. The dress itself is made from dark green wool, cream chiffon (for the ruffles), and cream coated leather cord. The cape is four yards of brown wool flannel. 

The wig was hand dyed, cut, and curled, a tedious process that took many hours. 

Despite the simplicity of this, it’s become one of my favorite costumes. 

You can learn about how it was made in the two posts below 

Part 1: Drafting and Dress Beginnings 

Part 2: Ruffles and Wigs

I also have two posts filled with photos of this costume. 

Merida – Fall Photos 

Merida – Forest Photo Shoot




16 thoughts on “Merida – Brave

  1. sandra clayton says:

    Love the red wig — a very lengthy production I bet. As always enjoy reading about the progress of each costume. Like the new one

  2. Meghan says:

    You are so amazing! Merida is my favorite princess ever and I think your cosplay of her is the best I have ever seen! I’ve looked at some of your other work to and may I just say you must be magic! You are such a wonderful seemstres!

  3. Amanda hibbs says:

    Very clever with the wig!!! Honestly I bet after the con it looked more natural and frazzled true to Merida and this is the best Merida I have seen- bar my daughter’s cause she is four and I’m boast towards my flesh and blood lol 😉 (so rephrase best adult Merida)…unfortunately it was an Amazon buy for Halloween wig and all. I’m gonna alter it when she grows out of it and use the right fabric and length and any suggestions on a whimple? Yes it’sThat dress so it’s supposed to be a bit girly thanks to queen elenore

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