Napoleon Bonaparte – Eiyuu*Senki

This was created from several yards of wool, jersey, satin, and a huge amount of buttons. This was the first project I really challenged myself on, and the amount of time spent on it shows.

It was created over the period of three months, and everything from the hat, to socks, to boots were made or altered by me. The sword being the only exception, as it was carved by my father. 

I have three posts about how it was made, as well as a post on altering the boots, and a wig review that are also related to this costume. 

 Part 1: The skirt 

Part 2: Boots & Buttons

 Part 3: Socks & Hats


Photos by Anna fischer

anna fischer napoleon3


I also had the pleasure of being in Acksonl’s otakon video, which features some silly expressions and forty seconds of me being somewhat silly on a ship. If this interests you it can be watched here

5 thoughts on “Napoleon Bonaparte – Eiyuu*Senki

  1. Courtney says:

    Good Lord lady, you are exceptional! For real, I am completely blown away! Also you are super inspirational since I love costuming and sewing as well and am also self taught, I hope to one day be nearly as good as you are 😀

  2. hannahmystic says:

    I love all of your work, but this is definitely my favorite. The jacket, the shoulderpads, the hat, the boots, everything just fits together so perfectly, and the final product is SPECTACULAR!
    What I’ve been wondering, as a fellow Long Islander, is what con’s do you go to? I’m a bit into cosplay myself (though not to your extent. Sewing things from scratch takes me ages, and my stuff usually comes out lumpy in the wrong places), but I’m not exactly sure where to look.

  3. Kinn says:

    I would move to see how you store all your creations? Also how do you make your own patterns? I would love to do that. I just buy patterns…

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