Orange Tudor Ensemble

This costume is made up of many layers, starting with a chemise, which is followed by a pair of bodies, a farthingale, kirtle, then the dress and fore sleeves. The costume is accessorized with two necklaces, lace cuffs, and a french hood. 

The chemise is made from white cotton gauze. The pair of bodies is made from an old hand embroidered napkin, vintage pillowcase linen, and green cotton. It is boned at the front and back with plastic, and lightly padded in the bust.

The farthingale is made from hooping wire, polyester taffeta, and red strips of cotton sateen (for boning channels). It’s weighted at the front and has a small pad at the back to help keep the elliptical shape.

The kirtle is made from silk dupioni and polyester taffeta. It features a flat front, and heavily pleated sides and back. It laces up the sides. The neckline is finished with lace and detailed with dozens of glass beads and pearls which were stitched on by hand.

The dress is made from a lightweight home decor fabric (too lightweight for this costume, honestly) with a lightly boned bodice that laces up one side to secure the placket. It had beading at the waist, velvet oversleeves, and a detachable brooch which finishes the look.

The hood is made from buckram and felt weight interfacing that has been covered with velvet, silk dupioni, lace, and beadwork, which matches the materials used on the dress and kirtle.

Making the Chemise

Making the Bodies

Making the Farthingale

Making the Kirtle, part One

Making the Kirtle, part Two

Making the Kirtle, part Three

Making the Dress Bodice

Making the Dress Skirt

Making the Sleeves

Making the Foresleeves

Making the Accessories

Making the French Hood


7 thoughts on “Orange Tudor Ensemble

  1. Vicki says:

    Angela, would it possible to have you publish your inspiration photos with your projects. I occasionally go through your pinterest board in search of a completed gown, but that doesn’t mean I find it. Thanks.

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