Orchid Inspired Dress

My first attempt at being a high fashion! I based this dress off of my spotted phalaenopsis orchid, which sits on my windowsill and has been a great inspiration to me. I wanted to create something simple and elegant, while still being visually interesting.

I made this dress from nine yards of fabric. Three yards of striped home decor fabric make up the skirt base, and three yards of silk organza decorates the hem. The bodice is lightly boned and made from organza, with a silk taffeta collar and matching loops up the back. The dress laces closed and has a waist tie which can be knotted into a lovely bow with long streamers hanging down.

This dress has a short train, with purple spots extending up the back of it. This project was a bit all over the place but i’m quite pleased with the finished piece!

I have two blog posts about making it, which can be read below.

Making the Bodice

Making the Skirt




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