Cinderella Inspired Dresses

This is a two project series of dresses inspired by the ball gowns worn by Cinderella. One is based off of the gown from the animated movie, and the other is inspired by the dress from the live action film. For the animation inspired dress I used a satin backed metallic fabric for the skirt and … Continue reading Cinderella Inspired Dresses

Fluffy & Feathered Dress

A short, fluffy, fun dress I made in a week! It was inspired by Marchesa dresses and the effortless, yet heavily textured quality those dresses have. I made mine from several yards of ruffled jersey, ivory mesh, and a mesh embellished with chiffon flowers. I also used feathers, lace, sequins, and ivory jacquard to give the … Continue reading Fluffy & Feathered Dress