Sakizo Inspired Renaissance Gown

A very detailed dress created in just under three weeks. The original design was based off of Sakizo artwork, but  I ended up taking it in a different direction. 

It’s made from seven yards of red cotton sateen, four yards of ivory silk, and a bit of gold spandex. The bodice is boned hand basted, and beaded. The skirt was all hand sewn together and hemmed, it was quite the task. 

The patterns were all made by me, as was the entirety of this costume.


I have two posts about creating this 

           Part 1

         Part 2




GFJ_Katsucon_201320120102_002 copyedt

GFJ_Katsucon_201320120102_004 copy

7 thoughts on “Sakizo Inspired Renaissance Gown

  1. Michele says:

    I have looked over your work and am amazed with the beauty of it al–and inspired to sit down at my machine too! I was wondering if you would ever think about doing some makeup tutorials. I am ver fair skinned but have never figured out how to achieve that perfect pale skin with my makeup. The makeup is too dark or too yellow oe I end up looking blotchy. Not to mention to work you do on eyes, lips, etc. Anywho, if you ever did post some tutorials, at least one reader would love it.

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