Silvery Blue Dress

This dress was inspired by Madalena’s wedding dress in the show “Galavant” and has a few qualities to it that remind me of early Renaissance gowns. I made it from materials I had around, which included five yards of a shiny “mystery” fabric and a matching brocade. I made it in about two weeks, and it was a really enjoyable project!

The bodice is princess seamed and trimmed with bias cut strips of matching material, it laces up the back with home made loops. The sleeves have two puffs on each side, these were gathered down and stitched on by hand. The skirt is a simple three paneled pattern which is pleated at the top.

I paired the dress with jewelry and a crown which I got on ebay.

I have three posts about making this costume, and one devoted to a photoshoot.

Making the Bodice

Making the Sleeves

Making the Skirt

Silvery Blue Dress, Photos

Blue 7

Blue 8

12 thoughts on “Silvery Blue Dress

  1. sarah says:

    I’ve been stalking your page all night from Buzzfeed! So gorgeous. 🙂 you are truly inspiring.

    Ps- you totes look like Natalie Dormer here. So gorgeous.

    • Melissa says:

      I was going to say that too… my mind went to “wow this reminds me of the tudors” even though it is totally not the same as they wore in that show… but I think you’re right, its the Natalie Dormer resemblance that sold it.

  2. hannahoeckhardt says:

    I’m so happy I found this blog! I go to school for fashion in nyc, and honestly they are stomping the love for the art out of me. But your dresses have provided some new and much needed inspiration on how I should continue come senior year. And this silvery blue dress here is my favorite.
    Keep going and maybe I’ll see you in the garment district one day!
    – Hannah

  3. Sonja says:

    Wow, I am stunned at how you good you can sew. I love how you explain your techniques in your Blog. Absolutely love, love the Merida project and photoshoot. I can’t help but wonder where you keep all your dresses. You must have a big wardrobe or even a seperate room for all these dresses? Sonja

  4. Alethia says:

    I saw an article about you on Buzzfeed and I began to read your blog. I am inspired by the amount of time, patience and energy you put into each of your masterpieces. Yes there are masterpieces. Your attention to details on each gown be it the beading, tweaking the style of the gown or changing the width of the sleeve is visible when the garment is finish. The make-up, the styling of the wigs, the background of the photos bring your vision to life. Yes, you have a talent for costume designing. I truly hope that you will be blessed with the opportunity to showcase your talent as a costume designer for movie or a great theater production. Keep going!

  5. Jocelyn says:

    If you ever watched Showtime’s The Tudors, you look like an exact replica of Natalie Dormer’s Anne Boleyn!!! Love your costume…esp this one

  6. Laura Mauledoux says:

    Hi, i like know if you sell your exclusive dresses, i really want one, are so beautiful, you got an incredible talent to make all the details. Im from Colombia and i knew you amazing job thanks the page

  7. Cheryl says:


  8. aminta says:

    Thank you verry much for publishing all your work, you are very talent and inspire us all abot how we could make costumes! I love your work so much! thank you for share it!

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