Stay Study

Stay Study is a series of foundation garments based off of patterns and information from Norah Waugh’s book “Corsets & Crinolines”.

This series was supposed to be a set of four projects that would focus on my struggles with the process of stay-making, but the project soon grew and now I plan to make at least seven sets of stays, bodies, or corsets from the book.

My “Stay Study” series may also include other foundation garments that are based off of patterns from Norah Waugh’s book, even if they aren’t actually stays.

The projects are made from a variety of materials, each chosen depending on what I have around or think best suits the garment. If you are interested in details I would suggest you read the individual posts, which are linked below!

Project One: 1630’s Whaleboned Body

Project Two: 19th Century Regency (corded) Stays

Project Three: Partially Boned 17th Century Stays (failure!)


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