Fabric Friday: Fabric I (really!) Regret Buying

I’m not sure if Fabric Fridays are going to become a permanent thing – but I really like the idea of it. I’m a nosy person and I really enjoy seeing other peoples fabric stashes – so I thought some of you may be interested in seeing my own. I figured this would be a huge flop when I tried it out last week, but people on tumblr seemed to like the idea of it so I’m bringing it to wordpress too!

It’s a bit different from my regular posts but I think it’s a good way to end a week on a lighthearted note.

For those wondering what a Fabric Friday post is – well, each week (on a Friday, obviously) I will pick a theme and a few materials I own that fit into that theme. Then I will write a bit about how I came to own the fabrics and my feelings towards them.

I’m totally open to opinions about this – whether you like it, hate it, think it should be left on tumblr, etc. I won’t get offended!


Fabric Friday: Fabric I Regret Buying

In the last few years i’ve become really good at justifying my need for material, even the super impractical ones. I’m someone who gets inspired by fabric – usually I buy material then design a dress to go with it, instead of the other way around. It’s kind of backwards, but it works for me.

Because of this I don’t mind having large quantities of material laying around, even if i’m not quite sure what to make with them, I figure they will get used eventually.

Well, most of the time that’s how I feel.

But there are a few exceptions. I own several fabrics that make me cringe when I look at them.

And these are some of those fabrics.

To start it off here is some heavily sequined satin material, paired with some teal foil dot, four way stretch spandex.

I must say I still think the sequined material is pretty, but it’s not the type of thing I will ever use in any of my projects. It might make a pretty, slinky dress – but a single yard of it weighs a good three pounds because it’s so heavily decorated. It would be terrible to work with since it’s more plastic then it is fabric, and I don’t even want to think about what it would do to my nice sewing scissors!

Foil dot spandex has a place in this world, but it doesn’t below in my collection. What on earth would I ever do with this? Can you imagine a fancy, full length Renaissance gown made from teal spandex? The horror.


The fabric I cannot believe I purchased (and adored at one point) is…this. I loved it so much I bought it in two colors, too! And now I can’t even look at it because it blinds me with it’s insane sparkle and tackiness.

I can’t even describe this fabric, it feels like AstroTurf that stretches in four directions and it sparkles like a disco ball on steroids. I’m not even sure why fabric in this texture even exists – I don’t understand what you could do with it, or if you can even sew it.


I’m glad to say I don’t regret any of my recent fabric purchases. All the materials in this post were purchased on my first even trip to the NYC Garment District, back when I didn’t sew. I was more interested in sparkly things then anything functional.

Now i’m the person at Joanns that I used to scoff at – the one who buys the most boring fabrics in the store.


I’d rather be boring then have a closet filled with fabrics like the ones above – so i’m very glad my tastes have changed!

My question for you guys is: Do you have any fabrics you regret buying? That one material that makes you angry when you look at it because it’s so useless? Or haunts you at night because you can’t figure out why on earth you ever bought it?

Thanks for reading!