The Christmas Costume

I purchased this fabric many months ago, but saved it until it was closer to the holiday season since it looked so very festive! I ended up pulling it out at the start of December after seeing an  inspiring photo of Anne of Austria.

The whole dress is made from brocade, around six yards of it. The sleeves are brocade strips laid over satin and organza undersleeves. The dress laces up the back with velvet ribbon, and has a lightly boned bodice.

The cloak was mostly hand sewn, and is made from ten yards of stretch velvet. And as usually, both pieces of the costume were made from patterns I drafted myself.

The headpiece was made from christmas decorations, pulled apart and glued onto a piece of boning. The wig was several cheap ebay wigs sewn together to have a nice amount of volume.

I have three blog posts about this costume,

Part One : Making the Bodice

Part Two : Making the Skirt and Crown

Part Three : Making the cloak 

I had a single photoshoot with this costume,

The Christmas Costume Photos


9 thoughts on “The Christmas Costume

  1. bbsharp2014 says:

    Angels you are the most creative person I have ever met. Your designs are AWESOME!. Love reading about the creations. Barbara

  2. michelle says:

    awesome dress you are so creative and you are such an inspiration to me and you look beautiful in your’e dress

  3. Dee Kegley says:

    Now that is a Christmas Dress. Do you make for others. Is this available for purchase or custom AND HOW MUCH $.
    Thank you,

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