The Kawaii Mountie

A silly project inspired by a conversation filled with words about Canadian pride and what would represent it. Eventually it turned into a sketch, which I turned into a RCMP inspired costume. 

The entire ensemble was drafted and sewn by me. The jacket was built from bright red wool gabardine and the shorts from a lightweight suiting. The gold bands are spandex, and the closures are solid half dome buttons.

The hat, gloves, belt boots and stockings were etsy or ebay finds. The wig is from wigfashion. 

I have a single post describing how it was made: 

The making of a RCMP Inspired Uniform  

As well as a post including several photos of this costume

Mountie in the snow –  Photoshoot 



photos by Anna Fischer

2 thoughts on “The Kawaii Mountie

  1. Pearl says:

    Hi Angela,

    Me again.
    Serious inquiry: I’d like to buy the jacket or barring that, could I commission you to make one for me?


    • Angela Clayton says:

      Well first of all – Thank you for the compliments, I’m glad you like the costume. I don’t have much use for this costume any more but to be honest the quality of it is really bad (especially the pockets, it’s unlined, not a finished seam in site) and it’s not something I would really feel comfortable even GIVING away, much less taking money for. It’s also weirdly sized and made to be worn over a corset, so it wouldn’t lend itself well to fitting other people.

      Unfortunately I’m too busy to take on commissions right now as well. Sorry I can’t be of help!

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